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The Pool



Breaking News: Fox News Terror Status = Elevated     ***     Me and Rachel finally got hitched !    ***     Happy 2nd Birthday Lorelai!     ***     Happy 29th Birthday Mom!     ***    

*Update* Finally got somewhat settled in the new house! I still have no time or money, but if you find yourself in Northwest Denver drop on in and say whats up.

*Update* This site will soon be even more dilapidated and useless since I am buying a house and have better things to do now… Yeah thats right: Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond

Welcome to my humble homepage, now conveniently located on the internet. I reckon you must know me if youve found this place but just in case, im the guy who lives in Colorado; not affiliated with the MLB pitcher in any way.

I got this website here so I can post some pictures, videos, football pools, and perhaps even some random thoughts occasionally (there will be absolutely no blogging though I assure you, as I don’t have the time/patience and neither do you). But I also got this site because I am a nerd and would rather build my own then use myspaces. And on that note, please forgive the shitty quality since this website will surely become a half-ass side project, seeing as how I can be quite lazy. Unless of course the ad revenue starts pouring in…